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Giant leap for frailty care?

23 May 2018

In what is thought to be a global first for health care, GP practices across England have carried out frailty assessments on over 2.5 million people aged 65 and over. This has led to 950,000 confirmed diagnoses of either moderate or severe frailty in the last 12 months. Around two-thirds of the 320,000 people diagnosed with severe frailty have also received one or more important intervention to help reduce their risk of falls, side effects of medication or poor co-ordination of care. The findings are set out in the Fusion48 report “One small step for older people with frailty, one giant leap for frailty care?” Read more

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Frailty from policy to a personal perspective

18 May 2018

Chris Harris, a programme support officer in NHS England’s Medical Directorate focusing on how the NHS is responding to the frailty ‘challenge’ set out in the Five Year Forward View sets out his own thoughts on frailty in an NHS England blog. He says now is the time to talk about how we age, and pertinently asks, how we can age well. Read more

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Practical implementation tips: frailty in older people

22 March 2018

Dr Sunil Angris offers top tips on the identification, assessment, and management of frailty in people aged 65 years and over on Guidelines in Practice Read more

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Ageing well is everyone’s business

21 March 2018

Dr Martin Vernon, NHS England’s National Clinical Director for Older People and Person Centred Integrated Care, previews a series of regional events on frailty care. Read more

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FrailtySIM features at annual Ufi showcase event

6 November 2017

Over 150 representatives from across the voctech community in London last week, for the 2017 Ufi VocTech Showcase. It was an opportunity to ‘show and tell’ some of the innovative and exciting technology approaches to workplace learning that are already transforming UK workforce skills. FrailtySIM from Fusion48 was amongst the projects showcased. Read more

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Dr Dawn Moody hosts introductory webinar

1 May 2017

Dr Dawn Moody, GP, NHS England’s Associate National Clinical Director for Older People and Fusion48 director hosted the introductory webinar for the introduction of routine frailty identification into the GP contract. Read more