Data Analysis and Clinical Evaluation

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“Helping clients to use available data – clinical, financial, operational and contextual - to support their decision making is a core part of my work.”

The potential of data to improve care and reduce cost is immense.  Fusion48 provides the skills, knowledge and experience to bring together clinical, operational, financial and market data to help evaluate impact, gain insight, solve problems and model the future.

  • Service evaluations – Fusion48 has been engaged to carry out a range of service reviews and evaluations.  Our approach is underpinned by data analysis and clinical audit coupled with developing an understanding of wider contextual factors.  The outcomes of the evaluations are used to inform service design and commissioning decisions.
  • Business Intelligence – Fusion48 supports organisations to get the most out of their information.  We bring together different data sources and carry out analyses and data visualization to provide new insights, backed up by robust clinical interpretation, that can drive performance improvements and identify new opportunities.
  • Modeling the future – Fusion48 helps commissioners and providers to explore different scenarios: building long term projections to stress test plans or strategies; or developing short term trajectories against which to measure progress of initiatives.
  • Strategic reviews and service reconfigurations – large-scale transformation requires a compelling case for change, rigorous testing of alternatives and effective engagement from the outset.  Fusion48 can support commissioners, clinical networks and providers undertaking or considering transformative change.

Fusion48 currently offers only virtual and online support options.  Please visit Frailty360 for further information about our Frailty Training resources or contact us to discuss other potential requirements.

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