Primary Care Development

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“Enabling success and growth for my clients by utilising my own skills and experience.”

With a unique combination of skills and experience between the 3 directors, Fusion48 provides local health & social care economies (LHSCE) with specialist support to develop and improve their primary care services.

We have worked with organisations ranging from small practices to Local Medical Committees (LMCs), Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and across NHS and  social care organisations, developing a proven track record of delivery for projects ranging from individual practice development to evaluating and advising on services that span primary, secondary and social care & voluntary sectors.  Our success and value-added to the projects is reflected in the excellent feedback from clients and the repeat requests for support from those who have used us previously.

Fusion48 brings extensive clinical delivery, management, leadership and academic experience together with considerable strategic, policy advice, analysis and evaluation expertise to any project with a primary care focus including:

  • GP Practice Development and Training - Fusion48 offers Inspection Preparedness training packages to ensure readiness for CQC inspections, as well as ongoing support for continual practice development and improvement. Excellent feedback ratings from the many practices which have undergone this training illustrate the quality, value and growing need for this support, whether a practice has already undergone a CQC inspection or not.  To date, support has been organised through group workshops and individually to practices across the regulatory spectrum, from organisations in special measures to those achieving ‘Outstanding’ ratings.
  • Locality and Federation Development - Fusion48 is well placed to support practices which plan to evolve into more formalised group structures to ensure future stability and to provide the capacity to deliver the services required by the population they serve. We can combine locally produced plans, services and pathways with national and evidence-based best practice, ensuring that developments have the best chance to succeed and are fit for purpose.
  • Developing New Models of Care - The NHS 5 year Forward View clearly commits to the foundation of the NHS remaining list-based primary care and outlines the two main models for developing service delivery: Multispecialty Community Providers (MCP) and Integrated Primary and Acute Care Systems (PACS).  Fusion48 has the breadth of experience from national planning to practice-based clinical delivery to enable us to support, evaluate and advise merging organisations on the model that would best meet their needs.  Fusion48 has a track record of delivering highly rated evaluation and developmental advice and support to LHSCEs in the integration of services for people requiring older people's services.

Fusion48 currently offers only virtual and online support options.  Please visit Frailty360 for further information about our Frailty Training resources or contact us to discuss other potential requirements.

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